The Arabian horse scene is not an entirely strange world for Else. She not only worked for Canasta Arabians but participated with the stallion Azal’S at a youth/amateur show, went a couple of times to the stallion show as a groom. Anyhow, Else is fully aware that the scene changed a lot in the last 20 years. Her new challenge with D Angelo has a different priority: “For me, the big difference is that I don’t have to ride with him but that he shows himself at his very best in the ring. D’Angelo knows perfectly how to show himself at his best. He learned that from the best trainers in the world. Here I have to catch up myself. And that is what we are working on. Also, the training is the same as every horse should get. Bring rest in their heads, obedience, get balance, build condition and develop the right muscles. But most of all having fun when they work.”