D Angelo receives a daily training with Else Boriau, a classic dressage rider. As a teenager, Else took care of the horses at Canasta Arabians and trained the stallions under saddle. Since then, she is training Warmbloods at a high level. Living just 5 minutes away from Elizar Arabians, Joost drove with D Angelo to this experienced trainer. The stallion arrived at Else’s place one week after Bruges. His first lesson seemed to be easy: to walk in a relaxed manner next to Else. It was more complicated than one would have thought. “The first time D’Angelo came to my stable he made a big impression,” says Else. “You heard him coming from far away, he whinnied and jumped around everyone. Maybe I can best describe him as a ticking time bomb. He was so tense and angry at everything. Yet his eyes remained soft. He certainly had no intention of hurting anyone. He just didn’t know how to behave and he bit off literally and figuratively. Luckily, I have a lot of patience. I am not easily impressed and I took him over from the groom. It took 50 minutes before he wanted to walk next to me normally and found peace. I think he then made a click that he could feel safe with me and that I wasn’t there to punish him.” Obviously, Else and D Angelo needed to work on his concentration ability. From that day, D Angelo goes to Else’s training facilities every day.